In-house Consulting

In-house Consulting

A growing number of major organisations have an in-house consulting team or a project resource group.

In-house strategy and consulting groups are becoming more attractive, complementing and in some cases winning business from traditional consulting firms such as the leading strategy firms.

Many high-profile global organisations have built in-house consulting groups such as; Cisco, Google, IBM, Samsung, Siemens, Disney, Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank, to name a few. They are created to help solve critical Strategy, Operations, People, Digital and Technology challenges throughout the business.

In-house consulting groups can have a number of advantages including a company-wide perspective, continuity into implementation, attraction of top talent to the company, higher levels of confidentiality, and greater cost-effectiveness.

In a recent survey by Bayer Business Services and the European Business School (ebs), 21 of the DAX30 (Germany’s biggest companies) companies have independent units for in-house Consulting. It’s clear that German companies are ahead of the game and the significant growth of in-house consulting is expected to continue globally. Building and operating an in-house consulting unit also has its challenges and there is an interesting article by EMC in the Harvard Business Review, “Why and How to build an In-house Consulting team” which provides guidance based on their experience.

There are a large number of consultants who wish to make the move into industry and creating such a group makes this possible. This allows highly talented consulting professionals to get to know the organisation from a holistic point of view and integrate more seamlessly before potentially moving into more senior positions.

A good example is American Express CEO Ken Chenault, who started his career in the Strategic Planning Group which is the in-house consulting team at American Express. In a recent interview Ken said, “I’ve watched many alumni of the strategic planning group move throughout the organisation and have enormous impact on our success”. “Behind many of our most impressive triumphs, you find people from strategic planning.”

According to McKinsey & Company, 400 of their alumni are now CEO’s of organisations with turnovers north of $1 billion. IRG have a significant global network of consultants that we can introduce to your organisation. This could be to add to your existing In-House Consulting, Change, Transformation, Digital, Technology and Strategy teams or we can help you to build these capabilities from the ground up.

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