In-house Consulting

Most major organisations have at least one internal / in-house consulting team or project resource group. These teams are established to develop strategies, reduce costs, transform organisations and build internal capabilities.

In-house strategy and consulting groups are becoming more attractive, complementing and in some cases winning business from traditional consulting firms such as the leading strategy firms. Many high-profile global organisations have built consulting groups to help solve critical strategy, operations, people, digital and technology challenges throughout the business. Internal / in-house consulting groups can have a number of advantages including a company-wide perspective, continuity into implementation, attraction of top talent to the company, higher levels of confidentiality, and greater cost-effectiveness.

There are a large number of strategy consultants who wish to make the move into industry and creating such a group makes this possible. This allows highly talented consulting professionals to get to know the organisation from a holistic point of view and integrate more seamlessly before potentially moving into more senior positions. According to McKinsey & Company, 400 of their alumni are now CEO’s of organisations with turnovers north of $1 billion.

IRG have a significant global network of consultants that we can introduce to your organisation. This could be to add to your existing In-House Consulting, Change, Transformation, Digital, Technology and Strategy teams or we can help you to build these capabilities from the ground up.

For further details, please contact:

Michael Mcloughlin
Managing Director
IRG Executive Search