Privacy Policy


Our Commitment to Privacy

At IRG Executive Search we respect the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information provided by or on behalf of potential candidates, our clients recruiting such candidates, prospects and outside parties who assist us in our search.    We are committed to keeping the personal information shared with us confidential.  The use of such information will only be for the purpose for which it was collected.  We will never sell any personal information collected.  This privacy policy explains how we collect, use, disclose and protect the personal information.


Our Data Protection Policy recognises that your personal data deserves to be protected and all information stored is maintained on a secured database, which is compliant with GDPR.  We only use your information and share it with clients to identify whether you could be suitable for a role or opportunity.  We do not advertise any of our opportunities and solely reach out to candidates we feel are a potential fit to our Client’s role.

We will not sell any of our database information and it is fully secure.

Our Privacy Principles

Submitting & Disclosing Your Personal Information on a Résumé or CV

IRG will only use your information that you willingly submitted to us for the purpose stated and which we have discussed with you, along with how we intend to use it.  We will limit the personal information we collect to what we need for those purposes, and we will use it only for them purposes.  By providing your information to us through a résumé or CV we will take this as your submission to use your personal information for career opportunities that we have discussed, or potential in the future that you will be fully aware who the client is and the information we have shared.  We believe that under the new GDPR Regulations we have a legitimate reason and are lawfully processing your data.

Protecting Your Information

We will protect your personal information that we obtain with appropriate safeguards and security measures.  We hold your personal data in accordance with the security provisions of the most recent Data Protection legislation.  All our data is stored on a secured database that is recognised as being GDPR compliant.  We have implemented security polices, rules and technical measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from:

  • Unauthorised Access
  • Improper use or disclosure
  • Unauthorised modification
  • Unlawful destruction or accidental loss

All our employees and data processors are obliged to respect the confidentiality of our candidate’s personal data and have all been fully trained and are completely committed to the new GDPR Regulations.

We ensure that your personal data will not be disclosed to state institutions and authorities except when required to do so by the law.  We will never sell any of your data onto any third-party companies.

Access to Your Personal Data

IRG will give you access to the personal information we retain about you.  We will provide you the opportunity to update the personal information we retain to ensure it is accurate.

You can request a copy of the personal information that IRG hold about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. Please address to the Operations Department by emailing

We will provide you with a readable copy of the personal data we hold within 14 working days; however proof of identity may be required.

If you have any problems with the data we hold, where appropriate you may have the data:

  • Erased
  • Rectified
  • Completed

We will continue to oversee the implementation and compliance of our Policy and we will adapt the Policy to reflect any changes in technology and new legislation.

If you have a complaint about our handling of data, please contact us immediately by email, post or telephone.

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