Search Methodology

We follow specific and strategic steps in locating ideal candidates, using precise candidate mapping techniques to pinpoint a talent match. To ensure that we’re coinciding with the unique specifications provided by our clients, we are in constant contact with the client through each step of the journey.

In its simplest form, here is our Process:

Phase 1

Introductory Consultations

In a detailed discussion, the Client representative describes the company’s mission, values and strategic objectives, the requirements of the position and all other important issues. We, in turn, contribute our expertise and perspective, and help the client refine the objectives

The Position Specification and Search Plan

We then prepare and submit a detailed Position Specification; this specification forms the basis for initial discussions with candidates and contacts in the relevant area. At this stage, we also develop a Search Plan with the Client, and set mutually agreed-upon dates for accomplishing major steps in the search, including client and contact frequency and initial candidate interviews.

Strategy and Research

As the Position Specification is being drawn up and discussed, we begin to develop a search strategy that is assured to result in the identification of the most qualified candidate. To do this, we analyse market conditions and review the competitor’s executive talent strategies. Drawing on our resources, extensive marketplace contacts, experience on previous – perhaps similar – projects, and our database and research resources. We identify industries and companies where qualified candidates are likely to be found.

Identification of Prospective Candidates

The most critical stage of any assignment is identifying qualified prospective candidates. Through our extensive range of contacts in our specialist industries, we identify potential candidates within a very short period of time. The client is sent detailed reports on all suitable candidates. The reports contain complete information on a candidate’s background, qualifications, present position and responsibilities as well as our views on his or her potential “fit” with the organisation.

Phase 2

Prospective Candidate Interviews

As the search progresses, we hold interviews with potential candidates anywhere in the world to assess their qualifications and motivation. At this stage, it still may be desirable for the client’s name to remain confidential, but potential candidates almost invariably are willing to enter into preliminary discussions with us.

Reference Checking

As early as possible in the search process, we conduct extensive confidential references on all candidates. We contact individuals who are acquainted with the candidate to get in-depth comments on the candidate’s relevant leadership abilities, technical competencies, personal skills and integrity.

Client – Candidate Meetings

We then arrange a series of meetings between the client and the lead candidates, ensuring that the client is fully briefed about each candidate in advance of any meeting and that each candidate is fully aware of the nature and demands of the position. This is a critical stage for both parties, and it is essential that each is thoroughly prepared if the meetings are to produce useful results. It is at this stage that the preferred candidate is identified.

Candidate Evaluations

Immediately following the client interviews, we update the client and candidates on their respective reactions and expectations. We help the client, where appropriate, to assess candidates against each element of the specification and to use this assessment to assist the client in forming their own conclusions.

Phase 3

Negotiation of offer

Our knowledge of the market and our status as an intermediary are invaluable to the client in the sensitive negotiating phase leading to final acceptance of the offer, because the interests of both the client and candidate are taken into account. This benefits both parties and leads to a successful outcome. During this aspect of the process, we assist in contract and compensation negotiations, address issues relating to career progression and obtain any additional formal references required.

Client Feedback and Follow-up

Upon the completion of a search, we request that the client complete a survey on his or her level of satisfaction with the experience. This client feedback is our most important tool to gauge how well we are doing our job.

Our involvement with the client and candidate continues after the offer is accepted. We often act as a liaison between the two parties to anticipate and resolve any outstanding issues, and to make the transition as smooth as possible. After completing the assignment, we maintain on-going relationships with the client and candidate through periodic phone calls or visits.