Client Services

IRG Executive Search understand that selecting the right Executive Search Firm is a crucial decision for an organisation. We know that clients expect a meticulously discrete and professional service and we endeavour to provide this throughout all phases of the search process, to guarantee the confidentially pursued by clients. Our strong experience of Executive Search and Recruitment places us among the most sought after Executive Search Firms in the world.

Every client has different needs; therefore each assignment conducted is unique. What will remain constant is the high standard applied in every assignment. IRG possess an unparalleled level of expertise and focus; we thoroughly understand all of our industry sectors and are confident in our ability to provide clients with their desired results.

Using a systematic approach that is wide-ranging in scope and involving an in-depth investigation of a targeted group of well qualified individuals, IRG consistently demonstrate an unrivalled researching capability. We recognise the urgency of client’s needs and aim to meet those needs both quickly and effectively. Our Consultants conduct themselves with the uppermost standards, with an exceptional level of dedication and determination.

To ensure that client’s expectations regarding the quality of the process are continuously met; IRG seek Client feedback upon completion of each and every assignment. We aim to build and maintain deep and committed client relationships. Our client focus, innovation and team work lies at the core of our values.