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Before engaging in a full recruitment process, it can be beneficial to conduct a Market Mapping exercise to fully understand the talent available to your organisation within your chosen market. The best organisations are pre-emptive and are aware of the talent potentially available to them even before the need arises internally.

We provide our clients with a tailored and in-depth market intelligence analysis of the candidate pool.

As a standalone service, or as part of our typical Executive Search process, IRG conducts research and produces market maps to:

  • Identify certain skills & expertise
  • Illustrate the geographical spread of potential talent
  • Map competitors and the employment status of key employees
  • Assist in succession planning
  • Understand general executive benchmarking
  • Highlight diversity
  • Support entering a new market

By undertaking comprehensive market mapping, organisations are able to make an informed decision regarding their current, or future, hiring requirements.

In addition to using publicly available resources, we utilise our extensive network to generate valuable insights from salary benchmarking to team structure and hierarchy. Our Market Mapping services are discrete and confidential and are conducted without alerting the market.

Examples of projects undertaken by IRG:

  • Female Senior Leaders in Europe for a Digital Transformation Consultancy
  • Partnerships & Strategic Alliance Leader for Global Automotive Group
  • CEO France with strategy background for Digital Start-up
  • Restructuring Teams in DACH for world leading Strategy Consulting firm